Monday, March 09, 2009

U2 tour 2009

Whoopeeeee! The tour has been announced and as a member I have a presale code for tickets. We have decided to go to the one at the Don Valley Stadium in Sheffield on 20th August.

After last time when we didn't even think about a hotel until a week after we'd got the tickets and ended up about 10 miles outside of Cardiff, we got straight on it and have booked a hotel already. (They hike up the prices if you aren't careful). Anyway we are going to be staying here - posh eh?

I'll probably be getting the maximum 4 tickets so if you fancy coming let me know! (But make sure you book a hotel early!)

Anyone know any yarn shops in Sheffield?

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clarabelle said...

Wow, Donna - I just might want to take you up on those extra tickets! I'm not a massive U2 fan, but Igor is, and Sheffield is within easy reach for us. This could be a late birthday present for Igor (his birthday is in April). Please let me know more at!