Monday, March 23, 2009


I am not having a good time. I have an ear infection and it is agony. There is some kind of "thing" swelling up in my ear and I am completely deaf on that side. It is extremely painful and no matter how many painkillers I throw down my throat, nothing will touch it. I haven't slept for 2 nights and I'm knackered.

I went to the out of hours doc yesterday morning and the nurse practitioner there gave me some Flucloxicillin. When I was still in agony this morning I went to my GP and she gave me Amoxycillin and Gentamicin drops. I am praying that something will start working soon, as I am about at screaming point now. I have never known such a long period of sustained pain. Usually you get a bit of a break when the painkillers kick in but this is relentless! Please make it stop!


spritlyknitter said...

Aww you poor thing I hope you feel better soon xxx

Mandy said...

How dreadful for you. I do hope you get better soon.

clarabelle said...

Oh dear, Donna, how nasty. Sounds like an inner-ear infection; my son has been in and out of hospital since he was about 9 months with all things nasal and sinusy, and still suffers aged 28.

If it doesn't get better, go to A&E; you'll get prescribed some mega-antibiotics.


kathryn said...

I do hope the antibiotics kick in soon and you start to feel better.

Nina said...

Oh dear! I hope you are feeling much, much better by now!

Sometimes for ear pain, this can work: a sock with enough rice in it to make a pad (approx 1/2 tennis ball?), heated (if you have a microwave, that works, otherwise somehow heat the rice - dry) and then applied to the outside of the ear. Be careful the sock heating pad is not TOO hot.

Best wishes!
PS: my word verification word is "exiest" - close enough, I say! ;~)