Monday, March 16, 2009

Men of the Otherworld

I have just finished reading Men of the Otherworld by Kelley Armstrong. The description says it is a collection of short stories but I would say it was a short novel plus two short stories.

If you are familiar with Kelley Armstrong and have read her other books you will enjoy this one. It is a history of Jeremy and Clay Danvers. The first story is about Malcolm, Jeremy's father and how he is lured into a liaison with a woman, resulting in the birth of Jeremy. Then there is the novel which tells of how Clay became a werewolf and how Jeremy found him and brought him up. This is followed by another short story which is right up to date, involving Jeremy and Jaime Vegas.

I am about to start Fangland by John Marks. Another vampire book!


spritlyknitter said...

hi I must look into these they look like a good read :)

Nina said...

Interesting sounding collection of stories. Thanks for the review. The title of your next read is kinda funny - almost "too" what you'd expect a vampire book to be titled, hahaha.