Saturday, March 14, 2009

One month later..... ebay yarn arrived!

The seller was very apologetic for the delay, however the yarn is not what I ordered. It is what was shown in the photos on the listing but the description said Aran weight, 100% wool. What I got was Chunky and 60% wool, 40% courtelle. One positive though was that the listing was for 20 balls and I got 26! I have messaged them AGAIN, about the difference but have heard nothing back. So now I don't know what to do about feedback. I don't want to leave negative feedback at the risk that I will get negative feedback from them (they haven't left me any yet, and I have a 100% record so far). I could go neutral but that seems a bit wishy washy.

What is Courtelle anyway? I do still like the yarn, it is pretty soft but isn't suitable for the project I had in mind.

Any suggestions for chunky weight patterns for up to 1790 yards worth?


yoel said...

That kind of service is above and beyond rude and inadequate. I'd leave negative feedback at this point, and report the seller to the powers that be. As for the yarn...maybe a sweater coat?

dreamcatcher said...

If I remember rightly, sellers can't leave negative feedback for buyers any more on ebay. If the description was so inaccurate they ought to sort it out for you, if not then I see no reason not to leave a justifiable negative.

Mandy said...

The service you have received is really not good. It would be a good idea to send negative feedback concerning this. I do hope you get some answ2ers about why they sent the wrong yarn.
Courtelle is an acrylic fibre. According to the following reference it is wool-like in feel.

donnac1968 said...

I have just checked their recent feedback and the last 8 or so have all said it was a long delay in posting but they have put Positive feedback! I have just sent another message about the Aran/Chunky 100%/60% difference so I'll see what happens next.

Nina said...

This is so frustrating! Dreamcatcher is correct, sellers cannot leave negativee feedback to buyers anymore. How have you been contacting this seller? Through their email, or through ebay?

There is a seller from whom I buy yarn every so often who was being very slow, yet wouldn't answer my emails, and that was unusual. As soon as I contacted her through the ebay "contact seller" she replied. So you might try a different approach, in case one is more efficient than another.

Good luck!

mooncalf said...

If you paid via paypal you can appeal for a refund because the product is not what was described.

I think Courtelle is a form of acrylic which would make your yarn very washable. if you decide to keep it, maybe it could become a big throw of some kind?