Thursday, March 05, 2009


I've just got home and my order from The Bead Shop has arrived.

I ordered some glass beads in drops and rounds - these are all the drops and four of the 25 rounds,

and some Fimo beads for making sock stitch markers.

The Beadalon wire that I ordered is actually much thinner than I thought it was but luckily so are the crimps so they actually do match! Guess what I'll be doing later on.

I have now separated the arms of my Amused from the body stitches, I'm so glad, every third row I was increasing by 8 stitches and they were getting more and more squashed on the circular needle. I had 276 stitches by the last increase. I'm glad I wasn't doing any bigger a size! Part way through one of my Knit Picks cables broke and I had to dash to the LYS before they closed to get a replacement. I did try glueing the other one but nearly stuck my fingers together with SuperGlue so gave that up as a bad job! I can now work on 174 stitches to the bottom of the body. The cables are looking quite good.

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clarabelle said...

Beautiful beads! I've got some of those glass drop ones and they're almost too gorgeous to use; I want to just string them up and admire them.

Amused looks great - love the colour!