Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Green Eyed Monsters

This is a sock yarn that I ordered from etsy with the money I made from selling the Drops Paris. The seller is called Green Eyed Monsters and is based in Manchester UK. Here is the original listing and you can see the colour is a bit different - pinky rather than red - but actually I really like it. It is slightly variegated so it will be interesting to see how it knits up. I think a nice lacy project is in order, probably socks!

Unfortunately I think I may have had my first bad experience with an ebay seller. I won an auction for some yarn on 15th Feb and still haven't received it and have heard nothing from them despite 2 emails. I'm not sure how much longer to leave it before contacting ebay. I've not had to do this before so I'm not sure of the procedure. They do have a history of being a bit slow dispatching - and I'm not in a great hurry for the yarn - but I'd just like them to contact me.

I have restarted the Amused jumper, and am back to where I was before I frogged it. I am using the stitch markers I made last week - the green ones - and have come across a slight snag with them. Because the thread is clear, I keep missing them and knitting them with the yarn! So I won't be using clear thread again. I have placed a small order online with the Bead Shop, including some silver beading thread so that should be better.

As for my design project, I haven't worked on it since before we went to Ireland. I am not really sure of the yarn and it is kind of putting me off carrying on. Maybe I will just complete one of the pair and see what I think.

My mum informed me that she has finished her scarf though. I wonder if she will now carry on knitting again.


mooncalf said...

Did you pay with Paypal? It is incredibly easy to get your money back with Paypal.

donnac1968 said...

Yes I did. I have just been reading through the Resolution Centre page on ebay and I will give them till the end of the week and then "open a case".

yoel said...

Maybe you can go through ravelry to see if the seller is on there? They may be faster to respond when they are accountable for their service in front of a community of knitters.

yellowwarbler said...

I had a similar situation once, and I got my money back with PayPal, although it took over 2 months, because they had been waiting for seller's response (which never arrived). It was really simple though and all I had to do was to fill in a short form.