Monday, March 30, 2009


See that little box on the left? You can keep track of the yardage (or meterage) that you have knit - useful for those de-stashers out there who want to keep on top of how much they have used as opposed to how much they (shouldn't) have bought.

If you want one, just click on mine and follow the instructions - and it's free! You can add it to your blog, or to Ravelry or both if you want.

Another site I recently joined - Good Reads - add books you've read and get reviews from other people. You can join groups too. This is my page if you want to add me as a "friend".

I am very excited as I have ordered this book, and hopefully it will be sent out on its release date - Thursday!

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kathryn said...

Good Reads sounds a great site. Sometimes it's hard to find what to read next especially if your fav authors haven't written a new one. Sadly I'm still not able to read like I used to before my eye probs. But I *can* read knitting books...did you order your Cookie-A from Interweave?