Sunday, March 29, 2009


We went out to Delamere Forest Park after lunch today to give Susie a bit of a run out. She hasn't had a lot of exercise this week so she needed it. First she found a rather big stick but got fed up of that pretty quickly when she discovered the muddy puddles.....

and ended up looking a bit grubbier than when we started. There were lots of other dogs running about and lots of cyclists to avoid if possible. There is also a new Go Ape adventure there where you basically traverse through the trees by various ropes and swings. Not my thing, we'd have to go there with someone who wanted to do it so that Colin could go up and and I could stay on the ground.

Then it was home time, looking a bit sheepish from getting all mucky. I put the hose on her with a bit of dog shampoo out the back but forgot I'd have to get my hands wet to get all the shampoo out - the water was FREEZING!!!

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