Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I'm not a great fan of "folk". When I first met Colin he used to go to what was loosely described as a "folk club" but was basically an open mike night where anyone who fancied having a go could get up and sing or play an instrument or both. As we'd only just started going out I felt I ought to make an effort to enjoy what he liked and I stuck it out for a while, gritting my teeth and smiling and clapping at the often awful efforts of some of the "entertainers".

But on a similar named but completely different concept, I came across a little website called Folksy. For those of you who know etsy, but are in the UK and find that most of the sellers are overseas, you may find this site useful. It looks a lot like etsy and is basically the same concept - independent craftspeople and designers selling their wares - but it is based in the UK. One seller that caught my eye this morning with their brightly coloured buttons and things is called PaperFish. Cute. There are also pages where they show you how to make things so you can have a go yourself.

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spritlyknitter said...

Oh this looks a great find thanks for the link ♥