Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Oh my God, tonight it starts all over again!!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Trigger thumb

I think this is what I have..........

I had it about 5 years ago in my little finger but it resolved itself, so I'm guessing I now have it in my thumb. It is one of those things that can be related to having diabetes, which I do. It does say not to do things where you have to grip, errrrr!!??? Now what do I do?

Monday, May 28, 2007

Hair, parents, dress, footie & a bit of knitty stuff.

Cripes, where did that week go?? Actually I have been pretty busy.

Last Monday I had my twice yearly(!!) haircut. This is what I look like now, much tidier but the more I look at it, the more it looks like a child's haircut. I really can't make my mind up if I like it or not! It was supposed to look a bit like Michelle on Corrie but longer, but obviously she wears a lot of make-up and is very glam, and has stylists doing hers all day so yours never looks like that does it?

The picture was taken while my parents were up here visiting from Southampton. Here they are.................

We went for a bit of a walk along the river and took our sandwiches. While they were here we also went to Cheshire Oaks outlet village, where my step-dad bought a pair of walking shoes, and then we also got him a set of headphones for his laptop. I must say he is doing very well with the computer seeing as 5 months ago he'd never touched one in his life. Both of them had an hour of Reiki, and were very enthusiastic about it.

Before they arrived on Thursday morning, we had Paul from two doors up round for the Champion's League Final on Wednesday evening. He is a season ticket holder at Anfield, and has this thing that we are his lucky mascots for Champions League games because he watched them here when they won 2 years ago. Unfortunately we didn't help this time round.

While we were at Cheshire Oaks I saw some boots that Colin might like, (he wasn't with us cos he had to work), so yesterday the 2 of us went back up to have a look at them. He didn't get them but I ended up coming home with this..................

which I will wear to a "do" I am going to in July. Just have to get some shoes, which I hate cos I have pixie feet (UK 2.5!!!!!!) and can't get any to fit.

I got the new Simply Knitting mag on Thursday, and confirmed that I hadn't won the sock knitting competition. I wasn't that impressed with the winners, but appreciate the effort that went into them. However, on page 69.............

were my sheep!!!

A couple of weeks ago I joined the Crafty Threads n Yarns forum, and I have joined up for the Surprise Summer birthday swap. I have been given a partner to send something to on their birthday, so I just have to put a package together. I have done these things before on the bookcrossing uk group, and it can be quite fun. You never know what you are going to get.

Great news for Chris who I met on the Burton Manor knitting day. She has been offered two slots at the college to run two courses. Hopefully we are meeting up on Friday so she can tell me all about it. At least there will now be a course I want to spend my voucher on.

I'm still suffering with my thumb, and am not promising anyone anything for Christmas, it all depends on if it improves. I am just going to try to finish what I have OTN and see what happens next.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Felted ruffle bag

Before and after felting pics of a little pink ruffle bag I made yesterday. It is for my neighbour's little girl. Her birthday isn't until July but I thought I would get it done in plenty of time. As it was, it only took me a few hours while the FA Cup was on yesterday. The pattern is here
and I used the Splash Aran yarn that I got from Stash a few weeks ago. I stuck a milk bottle in it when it came out of the machine, and it was the perfect size. I was wondering whether to knit a little flower to go on it? Any thoughts? Or just leave it as it is.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Bag, Europants & hair.

I'm back in the land of the living!! Had a yucky couple of days, then the internet connection went off, so I'm trying to catch up.

I managed to get my mum's bag done anyway. I have found that I can knit for a while, then I stop and my thumb really hurts for about ten minutes, and then it calms down again. So I am doing bursts of knitting once a day. Anyway, here is the bag, I just have to sew the button on.

I didn't know what size it was going to come out as, but it is actually just the right size to get a magazine in and other stuff too. Which is just what my mum wanted. I had to put it through the wash twice to get it nice and thick.

So, a bit of catching up.............Last Saturday we went over to Macclesfield to visit some friends. We took the dog because otherwise he would have been on his own for a long time by the time we got home. They also have a dog who is much younger than Podge and wants attention from him all the time. We left them outside while we chatted and suddenly I heard a splosh. When I looked out, I could see Podge, back legs in the pond, front legs out of the pond, ears flat and looking most sorry for himself. Because of his poor old legs (he's fifteen and a half) he couldn't get out so Colin had to lift him. I don't think he fell in, I think Max pushed him in!! No, they were probably playing and maybe Podge stepped back to get away from Mad Max, and in he went!!

Later on we watched Eurovision!! Because there were 6 of us, there was a lot of chatting and the sound wasn't very loud on the TV so we didn't get the full experience. And the voting. Oh come on!! I was disgusted that only Malta nad Ireland voted for us, but obviously the rest of Europe either doesn't have a sense of humour or as Verity said they all hate us because of Iraq. Hmmph, I may not watch it next year!!

When we got back there was a message from Colin's sister in Ireland to say that his dad was in hospital. He is home now, but had a small stroke. He has had all kinds of tests and they can't find anything wrong or what might have caused it. But as far as we can tell he is back to his usual self thank goodness. And he has had a thorough MOT. There were a couple of days where we were ready to drop everything and go over but that wasn't needed in the end.

Colin has just been in London on a course for a couple of days so I was mooching around on my own. And I couldn't even go on the internet cos that packed up! I did pop into the office on Thursday but had yesterday off. I'm not in much next week either, cos my parents are coming up on Wednesday from Southampton for a few days and Monday I'm getting my hair sorted out. I only go twice a year and it needs a damn good chopping!!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Ill, fish fingers, and birthday

Just a short post today, I have been a bit under the weather. I had a bit of a stomach "episode" on Tuesday and Wednesday. I am in the office for an hour or two today because Colin is in London, but I haven't got a great deal of energy. I am going to treat myself to fish fingers, new potatoes and peas tonight!!

I have had a bit of a read of everyone's blogs and I will get around to the memes that I have been tagged with, honest.

I did pop up to knitting club on Monday afternoon, and finished off the second front of the FLIC, and cast on for the first sleeve. No knitting since though, I may have a bit of a go on mum's bag this afternoon. My parent's are coming to visit next week and I would like to get it done if I can.

It was my step-dad's birthday yesterday. I sent him his card but he is going to have his gift when he gets here on Wednesday. Happy Birthday Bill for yesterday.

Please also send get well vibes to my father-in-law who has been in hospital for a week in Ireland. He is doing okay now and hopefully will be going home at the weekend.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Light at the end of the tunnel, fishing bag & sandwiches

Thanks for all the suggestions about my thumb, I think it may have met its match - Arnica! It is not better, but is a lot less stiff and I have been able to knit. Tomorrow I am going to get something called Swedish Bitters from the health food shop. It is actually a supplement of some sort - never heard of it myself - but someone has suggested soaking a cloth in it and wrapping up the thumb in it along with the arnica cream. I'll give it a go anyway. I may get some lovely sexy support gloves too!

We went to the zoo at the weekend, and the orangutans were up to their usual mischief with their sacking wrapped around them. Suddenly Colin said "Would you like one of my pies!" a la Mighty Boosh. I fell about giggling, I'll never look at the orangs the same way again. Their fantastic new enclosure opens in a couple of weeks, it is 3 times as big as the one they have now, they won't know themselves.

So yes I have done a little bit of knitting, I made a start on my mum's bag which I'm making up as I go along. I started at the flap and when I thought that was big enough I cast on the same amount of stitiches again and joined up to knit in the round. When it is big enough I'll add the strap and felt it. I'm using 3 strands of the 4ply Yorkshire Tweed I got from Janette held together. I may need to felt it a couple of times cos the little swatch I did didn't shrink that much. It needs to be big enough to get magazines in for when my mum goes fishing with my step-dad. She doesn't fish, she sits in her chair having a good read!!

Hooray, today is Sandwich Shop sandwich Friday. Since I started working here I have made it the law that we have a sandwich shop sandwich every Friday, but bring our own the rest of the week. That way it stays a treat. Why are sandwich shop sandwiches so much nicer than the ones you make at home?

Tomorrow we are going to Macclesfield to see some friends. However, I didn't realise until a few days ago that it was EUROVISION night!!! I hope they watch it, I think its a scream, and funnier every year. Let's all wish a big tongue-in-cheek GOOD LUCK to SCOOCH!!!

I finished the Patricia Cornwell book last night. If you haven't read any of the Scarpetta novels before, don't start with this one as it relates back to the previous 2 or maybe 3 books in the series. Cases that seemed to be done and dusted in those books are dug up and reviewed, so you do need a bit of knowledge of what has gone before. I am now reading the new book by one of my favourite authors. No Humans Involved by Kelley Armstrong. I've loved all her previous books, involving werewolves, vampires, ghosts etc. This one is about a necromancer, Jamie Vegas, who has had bit parts in some of the other books and now gets one all to herself. If you have read any others you will be pleased to hear that werewolf pack alpha, Jeremy Danvers, is in this one too.

Oh forgot to mention, I had a lovely get well card from T yesterday. Thank you! It was one of her purchases from piglotties charity cards. Maybe that's why my thumb is feeling better, all the vibes!!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


I just about lasted a week, but there's stuff I need to make, so this morning I have started on the bag for my mum. The thumb wasn't too bad while I was knitting, but now I have stopped, Oh Boy!! Can't bend the thumb at all. Have slathered on some pain-killing gel, Voltarol emulgel, this one seems to work the best of all the things I tried. Last night I was wandering around with a huge therapeutic magnet stuck to my thumb. Did it work, no! Is this the end of my knitting career?? We'll see. Typical! I find something I really enjoy and start having visions of having found "my thing" and this happens to scupper it all.

During my no knitting week, I was at the office doodling out a design for the pyjamas, when one of the guys who rents a room from us, Mike, asked what it was. So I told him it was knitted pyjamas. He asked wouldn't that be a bit hot and I replied, no because I was making them out of bamboo. He looked at me a bit strange. So I explained that there is a new yarn around made of bamboo, so he has asked to see some. I shall take it in tomorrow. He then told me about when he was in Hong Kong and watched some scaffolders putting up a bamboo scaffold. Because the bamboo is so light they would literally throw the poles up to each other and catch it one handed. After that he told me about a fast growing bamboo that was used as a torture method. The victim would be tied up above a bed of this fast growing bamboo, and as it grew, it pierced right through the person's body. Nice!!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

£20, thumb & books

Wahey, this is my 100th blog post!!!

I have had a reply from Burton Manor, where I went on the knitting day. They said they had had a number of negative comments about the course, and sent me a £20 voucher. Of course that is very clever of them because it means I will have to go on another course there to benefit from the £20. They're not daft are they? I'm not sure what Chris wrote in her complaint but they want to discuss her taking a course for them.

I'm struggling a bit with the self enforced no knitting. I have been reading instead and read The Magic Toyshop by Angela Carter in a couple of days. It is not what I would normally read but it is a bookcrossing book which I have had for over a year so I thought it was time to read it and get it moving again. I am now 100-odd pages into The Last Precinct by Patricia Cornwell.

Thanks for the laceweight pattern suggestions. I have decided to have a go at the Spring Things Shawl and have downlaoded the pattern. I think this will be a long time in the making though. Somehow I managed to get involved in another knitalong in the garnstudio forums, and I also have my Fab Lace cardi and 2 bags to do when I get back into it. I don't think there has been any improvement in my thumb so far though, so I may have to go longer than a week!!!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Casting off for a no knitting week!! WHAT?????

I have just this minute cast off my Karisma/Scottish Tweed socks. I think they look fine in the two different yarns. (Edited 3.5.07 to add photo)

I am now going to do the unthinkable and NOT KNIT FOR A WEEK. Hopefully this will give my poor hands a rest as I am having problems with my thumb joint on my left hand. I think it is some kind of RSI. It does improve overnight so the rest should do it good. I am trying all kinds of things on it - glucosamine gel, ibuprofen gel, emu oil - all to no avail so a rest is definitely the answer. I hope I can last without getting withdrawal symptoms!!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Yarn, competition and wine friend.

Over the last few days I have acquired a few more yarns for my stash!!

First, on the left, is Rowan 4ply Yorkshire tweed in Barley from Janette, 10 x 25g balls for a tenner. I am going to use these to make a felted bag for my mum.
Next, at the top, is one ball of Rowan Scottish Tweed which I bought to finish off the socks for the mystery recipient. The Karisma I bought from garnstudio wasn't enough so each sock will have a yorkshire tweed top to it, I'll post the picture when they are finished. The colour match is pretty good so it doesn't look too odd. Only problem is that the Karisma is machine washable and the tweed isn't so now they can't go in the machine. Never mind, the recipient will have to wash them by hand.
At the bottom is a swatch I did from the Wendy Melody. I am going to use this for the pyjamas as an accent to the Bamboo tape I got last week. I've been playing with gauge and can get the same gauge in both yarns on different needle sizes so I'll see how I get on with that little project.

And finally, on the left is some laceweight Harmony from ebay seller jojosquare
Here are a couple of close-ups. It is 100% wool and lovely and soft, in subtle pastel colours of pink, green & blue. Very pretty. I shall attempt to make my first lace weight project with this but no ideas so far, any suggestions?

I emailed Simply Knitting about the sock competition and apparently they are getting round to posting the entries back out and the winners will be announced in the next issue. I haven't heard anything from Burton Manor about my complaint as yet.

My Yarn Forward magazine arrived on Saturday, hmmm, not sure about this one. Unfortunately because it took so long to actually get published it was a winter issue and it is spring now. It also seems to have quite a lot about socks in it, (not that I mind, I like making socks) and there were two very similar articles about knitting and the internet. I do think that the actual printing had improved since the last issue though.

Last night we popped out for a drink with a friend who has been living in France for the last 3 months. Colin did some life coaching with her and she ended up chucking in her job and going off to France. She has been doing a language course and when she goes back she will be living with a French family and working in their wine shop in a little village in Burgundy. She has quite a lot of wine qualifications, so should be fine. It was good to see her and I hope she does well.