Saturday, March 31, 2007

SKB finished!!!!

Hooray!! Yesterday morning before work I finished the last 3 rows and cast off. I pinned it to the spare bed and sprayed it with water (a method of blocking I only read about 2 days ago) and left it to dry. By this morning it was done and here are the photos. I really love it, although I would maybe have it slightly longer! Luckily I had just enough yarn, so a longer one would definately need an extra ball or two. (And what a lovely sunny morning to take the pics!) I found the purple vest top in New Look and it also has a bit of sparkle. I couldn't believe how good a match it turned out to be. (Click the pics for closer views but ignore my hair, it desperately needs seeing to!)

Yesterday I received "Fitted Knits" by Stephanie Japel and this morning my "At Knit's End" by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee came too. So I have plenty of knitty reading to do now. My next task is to finish off Sheldon this weekend, and then my Fabel scarf. I am still waiting on my 8mm Addis which is a good thing otherwise I would plunge on into the Lace Inset and I have to finish these other things first. However, I have started to think about Christmas presents already and I have one or 2 items and people in mind!!


Nina said...

The SKB is wonderful! You do good work. It's a good fit, too.

I can't wait to hear your review of "At Knit's End." I was just reading her blog, about her promo tour. I have the impression her books include some practical knitting as well as stories. I haven't been in an actual bookstore for a few weeks!

So, are Addis not available locally?

acrylik said...

Hurrah!! Your SKB is beautiful! And what a wonderful match you found for it. Your post has inspired me to keep going this weekend. Fantastic knit.

nanatoo said...

Hello you! :D What a great jumper you've knitted there, and I love it with the New Look top underneath. Although you'd have liked it longer I think it's fine as it covers the top of your jeans (which is more than my jumpers do, lol)
Good luck with Sheldon and enjoy your books.

clarabelle said...

Your SKB looks wonderful! I'm really hoping to start one soon but am really interested in what yarns everyone's using? Is your's an aran-type? Also, did you go a size smaller? Sorry to be nosey... can I join the KAL?!

Seahorse said...

Ooh, Donna, it's beeyootiful!!! Really fabulous choice of yarn and so neatly done. Nice to put a face to your name too!

dreamcatcher said...

Your SKB is a beauty, congrats!!