Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Work, and a little else

A quick update on what I have been up to since starting work.........

In work - I have been setting up mailing lists and sending out change of address letters, organising the filing and what goes in which drawer etc, answering the phone and making tea & coffee!!! And getting on with my Excel course. It is not as easy now, it is all stuff I would not have a clue about unless I was working through the course. I have completed 9 out of 13 modules now, and have my second assignment to do and send in for marking.

Away from work - As I am not at home all day now my knitting frenzy has slowed down. I have just finished the lace on the first sleeve of the SKB. I decided I would do one sleeve, then the neckband, and then the other sleeve, to break it up a bit. I have found the setback with a top down sweater. When you do the sleeves in the round you have the whole sweater to pick up and turn every time. I found the DPNs a bit awkward too so I may get myself another 3.25 circular and work on two circs for the second sleeve. I have two 5mm so I am going to work on those for the rest of this sleeve and see if it is better than the DPNs. Is it right ladies, that we are supposed to finish this KAL by the end of the month?

I have also got to work on my scarf, thing is I think I'm the only person doing this KAL. Pity. Perhaps it was wrong for it to be restricted to the Fabel yarn.

I bought some yarn from ebay yesterday, 10 x 100g balls of an olive tweed chunky for £10 including P+P. It says it is 100% wool!! Will post a pic when it arrives. I got it to see if it would look okay with the sweaterbabe cardigan. If not I am going to get some Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Bulky from an ebay seller in the USA who sells it on 1lb cones (= to 4 skeins). They have all kinds of different colours and it should work out cheaper than getting it from getknitted or somewhere in the UK. I really fancy doing it in red like on the pattern, it has always been a good colour on me.

I am getting tantalisingly near to finishing my first book of 2007. I am disgusted with myself to be honest. Before I discovered the evil knitting I read loads and read over 50 books last year. I haven't even finished one this year yet!!! and I have a stack of approx 60 books to be read next to my bed. I will be glad to get this book out of the way though. It is Map of Bones by James Rollins. It is all a bit DaVinci Code, and also similar to a Matthew Reilly book Seven Ancient Wonders. If you haven't read a Matthew Reilly, do it now. Ice Station is the one to start with. If you like action movies, this is like reading one, and it leaves you out of breath. You have forget about "that would never happen" moments and just read. Brilliant. And a great central character. Try it, you might like it!


nanatoo said...

Hmm, I see the sleeve setback ... but still better than all that finishing I think? Well, I'm not planning on finishing this by the end of the month! Rain is going to as she is doing the Sweater-a-Month KAL but the rest of us will just be doing it 'til it's finished. I've got other things to knit at the same time. BTW there are pics of Cassie the pup on 12th Feb and some in Aug/September I think :)

DC has used Oregon Trail and had good service. On the craftythreads forum we're on they're saying it does shed a lot btw, if you don't cope with mohair.

Thanks for book recommendation. The word verification I have to type starts 'dsc' that's funny :D

Seahorse said...

I won't be done with SKB by the end of the month either :)

I hear you on the reading thing too - I had a time when I was reading two or three books a week and even quite complex literature (shock! lol!) but lately it's been strictly easy going stuff and every book lies around for weeks. It's all down to knitting! I won't admit how many are on my 'to read' pile, except to say it can no longer be called a pile!

acrylik said...

Here's another one who won't be done by the end of the month - I've just had to rip all mine out and am trying a smaller size.