Sunday, April 01, 2007


(Spoiler alert for Iain & Helen - do not look further down if you don't want to see the finished Sheldon!!)

Thank you sooooo much for all your compliments on the SKB. The details are as follows:
Pattern : Simple Knitted Bodice by Stitchdiva
Yarn: 10 balls (2200 yards) of fingering weight 100% wool from ebay seller jojosquare using two strands knitted together. Adding in a strand of garnstudio Glitter thread for lace panels.
Needles: Addi circs - 5mm 60cm, 3.25mm 60cm, DPNs - 5mm and 3.25mm.
Size: The 2nd size up, I think it is size S.

It didn't take me long at all to finish Sheldon in the end. I had to make another shell attachment panel as the first one was too small and his body wouldn't fit into his shell! So I made it on bigger needles this time. Then I sewed it to the shell - I couldn't manage the icord, too fiddly, so I just sewed it together with backstitch, stuffed and sewed on the legs and finally embroidered on some eyes. (I say "embroider" in the loose sense, I just sewed black wool on, back and forth a couple of times until they looked vaguely round-ish!). And then he was done!! He was made with some Natural Dye Studio sock yarn that I had left over, but I think if I make another I would use DK, it would just be less fiddly to knit him a bit bigger. He's not perfect but quite cute. And BTW, all his legs are the same length, they just don't look it in the 2nd picture. (I'll put the pics at the bottom of this post in case Iain & Helen don't want to see him yet. The temptation would be too great for me I'm afraid ;o) )

So tomorrow afternoon is knitting group. My "boss" has kindly allowed me the afternoon off to go. I can't decide what to take to work on. Of course I will take the SKB and Sheldon to show off. But do I take a sock, my Fabel scarf, the cardigan I took 2 months ago and haven't touched since, or do I make a start on the Lace Inset on straight plastic needles and transfer it when the Addis finally arrive? Hmmm, decisions, decisions.

Last night, Colin noticed I had added a couple more photos of Noel Fielding to my sidebar, and said "This obsession with Noel Fielding is getting a bit stronger isn't it?" Hmmm, you may think that, but I couldn't possibly comment!!!!


Nina said...

Your Sheldon is a cutie! The colours are perfect.

I would take the item that is easiest to work on during conversation. That's because when there is lots of conversation I have to join in, and end up goofing a project that needs concentration. :P

Unless you need advice on a certain project, then bring that one.

What is it like at your knitting group?

Seahorse said...

Aww! Sheldon is so cute!!!

dreamcatcher said...

Oh he's so cute!!

nanatoo said...

OMG he's gorgeous! Really good job :)

It would be nice to finish the scarf if you can knit and talk?

And Colin's point is??? ;)

acrylik said...

Ohhhh, Sheldon is such a sweetheart!