Wednesday, March 07, 2007

SKB progress & Fabel

Here is my progress so far, I think I have another repeat of the 4 chevron lace rows to reach the 3 inches required and then I can do the purl ridges. Then I will try it on and keep my fingers crossed!

My back order came this morning from Scandinavian Knitting Design. It is my Fabel 677. I had thought there was more purple in it, but the colour is still very nice, quite turquoise-y.

But now I have to get on with my Excel course, I only have until the 20th to finish it.


dreamcatcher said...

SKB is looking really good! Is that Garnstudio metallic thread you're using as the carryalong? I bought the silver to use with mine :-) Also caved today and bought some 3.5mm Addis for the lace, am trying a bamboo pair in the longer length and some 16" ones for the sleeves. The Fabel sock yarn is very pretty, I like the colour mixes in this range very much. In other news, my bargain Boosh DVD set arrived today, hoorah! And there was a Boosh question on The Weakest Link :-D

Seahorse said...

SKB is looking great! I only started mone today, so progress is fairly minimal!

I don't think I should look at that Fabel...turquoise, yum!!!

donnac1968 said...

DC - yes it is a garnstudio glitter, in purple. Because it is so thin it is quite subtle, so the top can be worn daytime, not just to go out in the evening as a sparkly top! I may even wear it in my new job, due to start tomorrow now.
Have fun with the DVDs, what was the WL question?
Seahorse - great to hear you have made a start. I'm getting on with mine because I am supposed to be doing a garnstudio knitalong too. The turqoise is lovely in real life.

acrylik said...

Wow, your SKB is looking amazing! Haven't made too much progress on mine this week. Your new Fabel yarns looks beautiful.

nanatoo said...

Good luck with the course - I know nothing of this computer stuff ;)
SKB is just lovely, well done. I think the glitter will be perfect. Mine is not growing fast at all, still haven't finished both the other jumpers!
Very nice Fabel yarn colour. I love turquoise.

dreamcatcher said...

Good to know the glitter thread isn't too in-yer-face :-)

The Boosh question was along the lines of "in which comedy show do the characters Vince Noir and (can't remember) appear in". I think I was too busy yelling the answer to hear the second part of the question properly :-D