Tuesday, March 06, 2007

For the SKB KALers

I am having a bit of a mad week, trying to start work, visitors coming tomorrow, several knitting bits to finish off etc etc.

But I just wanted to post a quick update to let the SKB KALers know where I'm up to. I have got the sleeves on waste yarn, have joined the round and am about half way through the 3 inches of chevron lace on the main body. I think I may put it on waste yarn and try it on when I get to the end of this bit ie the other set of purl ridges, before I carry on down with the hip shaping. Will post a pic when I do that.

I'm really enjoying making this, even though it is a bit fiddly using 2 strands together (and now 3, because I have added in a metallic thread for the lace). So how are the rest of you getting on? I know T has started and that she is away, but I don't know about anyone else yet. Hope you are all enjoying it though.


Anonymous said...
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acrylik said...

Sounds like you're getting on really well! I've made a start and am working my way down to the start of the split for the sleeves, so still have some way to go before even getting to try it on. Looking forward to seeing your progress pics.

dreamcatcher said...

Great progress by the sound of it! I've swatched and am going to cast on tonight.

Nina said...

The KnitALong sounds like such fun. I'm looking forward to doing one in a couple months or so.

So, how was the first day of work? I've been thinking about you all day, even taking into consideration the time difference. :)