Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Lamb's Pride

Woohoo! Look what arrived today.

My Lamb's Pride Bulky from Oregon Trail. Only took a week all the way from the US and I didn't get stung in customs so I definately got a bargain this time. £23 for 7 skeins including P+P. THis will be used for the Fabulous Lace Inset Cardigan from

I am still waiting on the 8mm Addis, the 7mm came last week. So at least that means I can't jump into this before I finish the SKB. Talking of which I have just finished the lace and purl ridges on the second sleeve, so now its the increases and on to the end!! I had a dream last night that I met up with T and Dreamcatcher, and as I was showing them my SKB, the bottom half of the body came off in one big chunk, just below the lace panel. Must have been something to do with that resuscitation dummy from yesterday, it only consists of a top half. And the dog jumped on me in the evening and some of my stitches fell off the needle, eek. Managed to rescue them though.


nanatoo said...

Oh no, your jumper broke! *cracks up*
Well, makes a change from dreaming of the Boosh boys I reckon. Glad you're close to finishing, have you seen Rain's? It's a beauty.

LOVE the LPB, what a great colour.

dreamcatcher said...

You'e scaring me with those dreams :-D Love the yarn you got from the saleroom at Oregon Trail, I have a note now to keep an eye on that, what a cracking bargain.