Saturday, March 03, 2007

Doggy mishap & SKB KAL

Oh dear, it seems I tempted fate with my post the other day where I mentioned tripping over long trouser legs and falling down the stairs. It wasn't long trousers that were the culprit though. When I go up and down the stairs, the dog tends to follow me and pass me about half way. So this morning I was coming down the stairs, dog passed and I accidently stood on his tail! Next second I am on my backside sliding down 3 or 4 stairs, and hyperventilating from the shock. What was worse was that I had my insulin pump in my back pocket and as I came down with a hell of a bump I landed right on it, so I now have a very nice lump and bruise developing!! (The pump survived thank goodness, after all I have only had it 2 days!) Afterwards I had that strange emotional turmoil where you are crying from being hurt and being in shock, but you also can't help thinking how stupid it was and wondering how it must have looked and sounded to someone else as you screech and vanish from sight behind the bannisters, and so you fall about in a fit of giggles at the same time!! And then you swing backwards and forwards between the two! Thinking about it now, it's just the giggling part I'm getting.

So Thursday was the starting date for the informal KAL. I thought I wouldn't be able to start but the postman arrived with my Addis, which I was very surprised about. I had ordered them 2 days before from Kangaroo and had expected that a) they wouldn't have the sizes I wanted in stock, or b) it would take a week or so because their P+P is free. I was wrong on both counts. And they sent me a free pair of teddy bear needle huggers (scroll to bottom of page) for the DPNs I ordered.

And here is my progress so far......

This was the scary bit where I put all the stitches on spare yarn and pulled out the needle. Never done that before!! Yikes, but luckily no mishaps.

And this is what it looks like on. I think the size is just right (all the swatching was worth it!) and I really like the way the colour is working. I was trying to hold the corners of the sleeves together under my arm. The top picture is the best colour representation, even though taken indoors with a flash. Because of the swatching I am using 5mm and 3.25mm needles instead of the 4.5mm and 3.5mm stated in the pattern.


dreamcatcher said...

Oh goodness glad you are OK after your fall! I did a similar thing before Christmas and fell right on my coccyx. I sympathise as to any aches, pains and bruising you have!

SKB is looking lovely :-) Not started mine yet!

Seahorse said...

Ouch! I did a smiliar thing a few months ago too (although in my case it was a cunningly disguised piece of felt that was the culprit). Hope the bruises fade quickly and you don't get too many aches and pains.

SKB is gorgeous. Such a beautiful colour.

nanatoo said...

What a horrid thing to happen, I'm glad you walked away relatively unscathed. Pets can be a hazard, our cat trips us up a lot. Hope it all feels better soon.
Good old Kangaroo, and that jumper is a real cracker! It is a perfect fit and so pretty. I'm so looking forward to seeing everybody's done.

Nina said...

Yipes! I hate it when that happens. Hope you won't suffer too much, and glad your pump's okay.

Beautiful knitting! Gotta love the swatch, eh? I will enjoy watching your progress.