Thursday, March 01, 2007

The nearest book

I'm just going to do this thingybob today as I am KALing and want to get on with it!! But I was tagged by Carolyn so I thought I'd better.........

1. Find the nearest book - behind me in my stack of books for bookcrossing

2. Name the book & the author - A Place of Execution by Val McDermid

3.Turn to page 123. - it just happens to be the first page of Chapter 8

4. Go to the 5th sentence on the page & copy out the next three sentences onto your blog - What the Scardale villagers also had in common was their complete mystification at Alison's disappearance. As Clough had predicted, few were willing to volunteer even the little that Brian Carter had given. Most of the conversations were an uphill struggle.

5. Tag 3 more people. - really sorry, I don't know many people with blogs so I've had to pick these 3.....

Sorry guys, but it is a short one! Now, back to that bodice!! It's good fun actually, I've never done a top down sweater before.


nanatoo said...

I haven't done a top down either, I'm enjoying it, but don't hurry - you'll be miles ahead of us!!
I'll meme tomorrow and post pics of my SKB and the other two jumpers that aren't finished yet ;)

dreamcatcher said...

I'm not starting my SKB until the weekend, I'm almost there with Skully and It Will Be Finished!

I'll do the meme at the weekend too. The actual technical nearest book is "Breeding and Caring For Chinchillas" but I don't think anyone will really want to be reading stuff from that :-D (it's an old book that I picked up for a song at a local petshop for potential useful bits of info, I don't breed 'em or anything like that). So, er, anyway, I'll pick the nearest actual novel :-D

nanatoo said...

DC, I want you to do the chinchillas book, bwahaha!

Seahorse said...

What do you mean you 'had to pick these three'??? Lolololol! Too funny!

I've read that book and thought it was excellent, if disturbing. Her stuff is right on the edge of what I normally find acceptable in terms of gruesomeness but they're so well written that it never feels voyeuristic or prurient. I really like her Tony Hill/Carol Jordan books, though they've got *very* alarming now :0

I will do the meme over the weekend too. I'm sure no-one wants to hear about page 123 of the Argos catalogue, lol!