Thursday, March 15, 2007

Scrap that!

Scrap yesterday's comments about the circs and DPNs. Because of the increases to flare the arms, it is more practical to use the DPNs (I am using 5 which also makes it easier to try on without having to use scrap yarn).

The olive wool came this morning from ebay. I'll take a pic later. I just had time to do a quick swatch and wash it, so it is drying. The actual wool is quite rough, but it has softened significantly after washing. I think I should be able to get gauge on it, but not sure if I want a whole cardigan in the colour. Maybe I'll make a load of little felted bags and sell them?

Don't forget to watch the Masterchef final on TV tonight. I think it is on at 8pm, BBC2. I have really enjoyed the series, and despite thinking Ben was going to win all week, I now think it might be Steven. We shall wait and see.

I've also been enjoying the cringeworthyness of Comic Relief does Fame Academy. Sometimes it is worse than fingernails down a blackboard!! And I haven't a clue what the judges are listening to, its not what I'm hearing anyway!


Seahorse said...

Thanks for the SKB tip.

Mine looks huge now :0

nanatoo said...

I haven't seen those programmes but I just wanted to say you do know that Teh Boosh are on late on Red Nose Day don't you?
I like olive as a colour but it's no good if you won't love the cardi. Felted bags would be a good idea.

donnac1968 said...

I wondered if they would be on it. If they are on late does that mean that rude "Hitcher" is gonna be making an appearance. Or maybe "Old Gregg"? Oh yes that would be fun!