Wednesday, February 28, 2007

KALs, Excel & pump

Today's will be a photo free entry, as I have nothing to show really. Plus Colin has run off with the camera to take some more office photos.

A couple of you have requested a pic of the "big hook" so you will have to wait until the next entry..............

I am going to start the Excel part of my ECDL today. I will write this and then go and get a cup of tea and settle down to that. I've no idea how easy it will be to understand but I'll soon find out! I thought I'd better get on with it, seeing as I'll be starting work on Tuesday, eek!

I also have to finish off Sheldon, now that I have the 2.5mm hook. Because tomorrow I am starting two KALs. The first one is the Simple Knitted Bodice informal KAL with a few bloggers. I am doing it with a fingering weight yarn which I got from the USA through ebay a few months ago and haven't used (I just got it because it was a bargain and I loved the colour!). I am using 2 strands together and then on the lacy panels i have got some metallic thread to knit together with it too. Oh, I do have a pic of the yarn on the computer already, here it is.

You can see that it changes colour through the ball, but if I knit 2 strands it should even it out a bit more. It is 100% wool. I'm still waiting for my Addis to arrive though so it may not get started tomorrow.

And the second KAL is the competition on the garnstudio forums using their Fabel yarn. I am doing the Dragon Scales scarf from a few posts ago. Okay, so I have already made a start, but I bet at least a few others have too!!

I did a bit of retail therapy this morning, and apart from the metallic thread from Hobbycraft (I had to go in to get a refund on something!!!!) I popped into Next and got myself a suit for work. Pinstripe jacket and trousers and a white shirt. Hmmm. It fits very well but being a "munchkin" I had to get one from the petites section and I think it makes me look even shorter!! Ah well, its better than the trousers being too long and me tripping over down the stairs or something! That wouldn't go down well with the boss, ha ha!

Yesterday the delivery man brought me a new insulin pump. I haven't set it up yet as I have to pick up a prescription later on. It is about a third of the length and a little bit wider than my old one but it has a few more functions. Hopefully I can get it up and running by tomorrow.

He also brought me my Mighty Boosh ModWolves patch but I don't think I'm allowed to post a pic until everyone has received theirs. Don't want to spoil the surprise of what it looks like for anyone.

Okey dokey, where's that kettle?


nanatoo said...

Gorgeous yarn, that should look lovely. Being the non-swatcher that I am, I am quite afraid of what will happen. Live life dangerously, eh?
Carrie Anne at is also KAL-ing, if you want to put her on your sidebar.
Ooh, I don't want to think of insulin pumps, but I know you don't have any choice :(
I've got my 5 jiffy bags - hooray! I neeeeeed a patch.
I reckon you're small but perfectly formed, so don't you worry ;) I'm taller but my back is out of proportion and very much too long for my legs. I sit very tall in a chair but my legs don't always touch the floor, hehe.

Seahorse said...

I love the yarn you've picked for the Bodice!

Anonymous said...

hello donna from mum

acrylik said...

Oooh, your SKB yarn looks gorgeous, I'm looking forward to seeing it progress.