Friday, February 02, 2007

Card, Sheldon, and forum

A card I made for my mum & step-dad for their wedding anniversary next week. I still have to do a birthday card for my mum aswell. The colours look dreadful in this pic, they are much brighter in real life.

I have just finished knitting the body of Sheldon, so I have to do the shell next. I had to go and get some polyester stuffing, so I got some eyes while I was there. But thinking about it I am going to embroider the eyes because he is going to a new baby and I don't want to be responsible for a choking accident!! I will probably make other Sheldons so will use the eyes on them.

I joined the Scandinavian Knitting Design forum today and have joined in with their Sock-along. Cheating a bit really because I have already started the socks but it is just a practice run in February and the real SAL begins in March. Apparently there will be prizes!! Which reminds me, I must send off the Glam Rock Ski Suit Socks tomorrow.


nanatoo said...

I agree with the embroidered eyes for a babe, much safer.
Hope those socks have gone, I'm rooting for you!
What do you like best, making cards or knitting? I know - both :D

donnac1968 said...

Last year was my card-making obsession, this year is my knitting obsession, oh what does next year hold in store!!??

nanatoo said...

I bet you can hardly wait! :D

Nina said...

Let's see, you behind a desk, no knitting needles in sight...writing? ;)