Monday, February 26, 2007

It's official, I am a Yarn Ho'

Ok, first things first. Mum, DON'T PANIC!!! This is a photo of your bag BEFORE it was felted. It is not this big or long anymore. In fact it has worked out perfectly, though I do say so myself. I attempted to take some mirror pictures earlier but they were awful so I will get Colin to take some outside for me if there is enough daylight when he gets home. (Edit: here is a pic of the finished bag too!)

And this is where he will be coming home from.........the new offices! The first pic is one of the consulting rooms, and the second one is the reception/waiting area. You can just see the edge of my desk, which I am not occupying yet, but we have set a start date for Tuesday 6th March.

Hopefully BT will arrive tomorrow to set up the phones.

Here is the heel of my first toe-up sock ever. I am really really pleased with it. Look, no holes!!

This is some Natural Dye Studio fine merino sock yarn that I just HAD to have. This is the brightest colour I have seen from them and I just couldn't let anyone else have it! It is definately thinner than their usual yarn but that is fine for summer socks. I am going to do something fancy for this pair of socks, not sure what yet though.

This morning I was eagerly awaiting the postman because I had been informed that my Mighty Boosh Modwolves patch has been dispatched. The postie was late, making it worse, and then when he did come, no patch. BUT he redeemed himself by bringing me this instead!! It is from the lovely T who has become a good blog friend recently. It is a knitted dishcloth/facecloth in a gorgeous colour with the words "Yarn Ho" knitted into it. Cool eh? I'm not sure if it means I am a yarn ho' or if it is a rallying pirate cry! I suspect the first ;o) It is a much brighter colour in "real life"

This morning I have been working on Sheldon. I got to the last bit and thought I was almost finished, but they have stuck in a bit of crochet right at the end which I didn't notice so I have had to order a 2.5mm crochet hook. Isn't ebay a wonderful invention? I won't post any progress pics as I want to show him all assembled and in all his glory. I was worried that the contrast colour I used for the shell wasn't enough of a contrast but I think now that it is a really good blend. Hopefully the hook will come tomorrow and I can finish him off then, as I believe the arrival of the intended recipient is imminent!!


nanatoo said...

I know you're a littl'un (judging by the size of your feet that you shared with us) but the bag makes you look positively Munchkin ;) What a grand job though, Mum's lucky.
Your new offices are so posh. Good luck with the new venture.
Nice sock, nicer than mine, hehe. And lovely new yarn.
Read the cloth as you will, I'm thinking the first is correct ;) I just hope it doesn't smell of sausages as the old man didn't move it before I started to cook on Friday like I asked him too :D
BTW, I got my boots from 'Office' in Colchester. I have a blister today but I don't care, hehe.
Sorry - long comment :P

Seahorse said...

Love the bag and the sock!

The 'Yarn Ho' cloth is very funny!

dreamcatcher said...

The bag looks great, dontcha just love the transformation when something is felted. The dishcloth is v amusing too :-D

nanatoo said...

The bag looks great! Good job on the felting.
By the way, I'd quite like to see the huge crochet hook, it's quite hard to imagine :)

Carolyn said...

What a fab dish cloth - is it knitted from cotton. I remember my Nan used to knit all her own vests...jut to change the subject slightly!

BTW sorry to say I have tagged you!

Nina said...

I really like the shape of Mum's bag; it turned out well, didn't it? I'm going to have to look at some socks and compare the look of the heels. You do nice work. :)

Really nice offices. Will you be hiding behind that counter? ;)

And ohhhh, new yarn! It's lovely. I know you will create something beautiful with it. The pirate cloth is perfect for you. Heh-heh. I might be tempted to exchange "yarn" for "ebay" however. ;) Does your LYS carry hooks? Oh, please give us a look at the big one!