Thursday, February 01, 2007

Lana Grossa cardi

I was so excited about posting my socks yesterday that I forgot the pic of the WIP cardi

And I am having a little go at felting this morning. I knitted this small swatch in fingering weight 100% wool, and it is at this very moment sloshing about in the washing machine with a pair of jeans. We'll see what happens...........

Wahey, how cool is that??!!!
I didn't measure it before, so I don't know how much it shrunk by, but you can get an idea from the spacing of my fingers. It is about 3 times as thick though at a guess. Hmm, methinks a little bag project may be ahead of me...........
I'm afraid I couldn't resist and I have made a start on Sheldon. I am doing him on 2.5mm needles with some of Natural Dye Studios sock yarn, and he is going to be pretty small, so I may keep this one myself and do another for Iain & Helen's baby with DK wool and larger needles. It's not due for another 6 weeks or so yet so plenty of time.

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nanatoo said...

Your cardi is beautiful. I really like that pattern.
Beware, I felted my Booga Bag until it was a Booga Purse ;) It would help to have a top-loading w-machine like the Merkins do, it's easy to overdo it. Great fun though.
Looking forward to Sheldon, I have a need to make Kate Cat from knitty.
Hit counter at 55 as I type!!