Monday, February 12, 2007

2 FOs and 2 cards

I managed to get 2 items finished this weekend. Firstly I did the fluffy slippers for Sue. Every time I make a pair of these, I get quicker. It was definately less than 4 hours for this pair, though I didn't time it! I have another cerise pair to make for Fiona so I'll time how long those take.

And here are Heather's Fabel socks all finished and modelled by me. As you can see they are slightly too big for me, due to the fact that they are made for a normal size footed person and not one with pixie's feet like me!! (Size 2.5 UK!!)

And this is the card I made for L's birthday on Saturday. The scarf I made her went down a treat.
And a birthday card for my FIL.

So I can now knock 2 things off my "WIP & plans" list.

I watched Primeval on Saturday evening. The effects were good but it was obviously aimed at the kids market, like Dr. Who. It's one of those programmes I may or may not watch again.

Now, Top Gear just gets better all the time. This week they were in America and had to buy a car each for $1000 or less and drive it through 4 states and sell it at the end. With various challenges in between. The funniest bit was when they drove through Alabama and each had to decorate one of the other's cars in order to get them either arrested or shot at! Richard had Man-Love Rules painted on his by James, James had Hillary for President on his by Jeremy and Jeremy had Country and Western is Rubbish on his by Richard. Now this is the Deep South we are talking about and when they pulled into a petrol station the locals were not happy! The garage owner called in "the boys" and it all got a bit hairy. They all had to make a run for it, but James' car wouldn't start til Richard gave him a jump start. Even the camera crew were targetted. Anyway, they got away safely in the end but if you missed it watch the repeat, I think it's on Wednesday at 7pm BBC2. Genius TV!


dreamcatcher said...

Lovely socks!

Top Gear was brilliant :-D I was creasing up laughing when they "decorated" the cars. All three looked genuinely scared at that petrol station though!

nanatoo said...

I didn't like Primeval, not a patch on Dr. Who.
Those slippers are scary, they could be on Dr. Who! Lovely socks and I'm glad L. liked her scarf.
I was a bit worried by Top Gear, I thought that was too dangerous. It's one of my favourite programmes though.

wendy said...

The slippers are AMAZING - I am a big slipper fan, have loads of wacky slippers but your furry ones are great...what are the details - yarn/pattern etc?

donnac1968 said...
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Carolyn said...

love the knitting and see you have made time for some card making!