Monday, February 19, 2007

Bag & Woolly Bullies

Just a short post today. I am well on with the bag for my mum. This is the main body of the bag, at the moment it is 25 inches wide at the bottom. I have just made the handle and sewn that on, but I am waiting for a 10mm crochet hook which I ordered today on ebay so that I can do the crocheted flap. I will probably see if I can find a nice big button to hold it closed.
And then the felting fun begins. I am a bit scared in case it all goes horribly wrong and it is £20 down the pan!!

I adapted the pattern a bit so that I knit it in the round and Kitchener grafted the bottom edges together. Much better than making 2 pieces and having 3 seams to sew.

I came across this YouTube film on another blog and had to post the link.
Very funny.

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nanatoo said...

That yarn does look lovely.
Err on the side of 'under-doing' it, you can always felt a bit more but you can't undo it. I don't let it do a whole 'programme' but switch it off before it's finished to have a look.
The film is funny :D