Thursday, February 08, 2007

Boobs, snow and knickers!

I have just spotted this on the BBC homepage. Now there's a novel idea for you knitters!!

Whhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! We have snow today. It had all started to melt at lunchtime but it is now falling again. Its only quite fine tho' so I doubt if it will hang around.

I went out earlier and posted off my Simply Knitting competition socks. Fingers crossed but not holding my breath.

Not a lot going on today, I am carrying on with my green socks and also doing a quick fluffy scarf for one of the little girls up the road who is 8 on Saturday. I am looking after them on Monday afternoon as it is half term and their mum goes to college. L is a big fan of purple so I am using up some purple and black fluffy eyelash wool to make a stripey scarf. I'll finish it tonight in front of the telly-box.

Apparently my step-dad read the button on the left wrong and thought it said Sexy Knickers Club. I think he was quite looking forward to clicking through so this one is for you, Bill!! Happy anniversary, hee hee!!


nanatoo said...

Hmm, breastfeeding would have been a lot easier with nipples like that!!

We have had loads of snow, unusual for us Southerners :D

Nina said...

Snow is great! Never get enough of it here in Okieland. I'm used to a constant supply, coming from Illinois, USA.

Take a look at this item, from

The story is good, too.

Your knitting output is putting me to shame. :)

donnac1968 said...

Wow, that knitty article and pattern is great. I had a look at the tit-bits link at the bottom and to buy them ready made they are $65 each!!

nanatoo said...

Important message from my pal Dreamcatcher!! If you missed 'Buzzcocks' on Wednesday night you must watch the repeat on Saturday at 11.10 (phew, gotta stay awake!) as Noel is on there and they use the lyrics of 'Soup' in the quiz. Don't miss it!! :D