Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Fabel, sock along, and fish.

This is how my garnstudio Fabel is knitting up. I really like it because the colours seem to be completely random. I have found with Opal yarns that you get so far and the whole thing repeats itself, but this doesn't seem to have a repeat so far. And the other sock will be different because the ball starts at a different point in the sequence, and I'm NOT going to go through the ball until I think I've found the right bit!! Anyway these will be Heather's green socks.

I have finished one fluffy black slipper, but I'll post a pic when I have a matching pair.

If anyone is interested garnstudio are having a Sock Along in March on their forums. At the moment it seems like there are only going to be 2 of us doing it, everyone else is keeping very quiet, so if you fancy it, or know someone who might, go and join the forum - it's free - and we can all Sock Along together. The details of what is happening in March are not up 'til the end of this week but you can all have a practice during February and have a chance to ask questions if you are having problems.

3BTs for today:
1. Tina, another blogger, mentioning me in her blog and asking people who read hers to come over and have a look at mine.
2. The sky when it is still just foggy but you can see the beginnings of a blue sky emerging through the haze.
3. Paul, the fishmonger at the farmer's market, who always gives us an "NHS discount" even though neither of us has worked in the NHS for at least a year, and then bunging in a couple of freebies on top. Today he gave me some John Dory to try and a couple of homemade fishcakes.


Seahorse said...

I do like that yarn! It's interesting to know about the repeats (or lack of!) too. Looking forward to seeing it all done :)

Rubys & Purls said...

You're socks are really pretty. I just wanted to stop by and say Thank you for your compliments on my Eiffel. I really appreciate all the kinds words of encouragement!

nanatoo said...

It's lovely. Different socks are so hip too ;) I can't do a sockalong, I've got too much on and socks aren't my strong point yet. Carrie Anne (acrylik.blogspot) is doing a Lime and Violet one
but I don't know anybody else who might want to. I hope you get some company.
My blog-mates are the best and you will have several more coming over if I know them.