Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Hook, toe-up & Vincent

My crochet hook arrived this morning so I can get on with the bag flap later on.

Here is my first ever toe-up sock, using magic cast on from knitty. The first couple of wrong decreases don't look too bad there but when you stretch the toe there are definate little holes. I was picking up the strand between the stitches from the back instead of the front, but I did it right after checking on the wonderful interweb. Nice colour? (Click the top pic to see the lovely silkiness in close-up.)

I don't know whether to just do a short row heel or a gussett heel. I might try the gussett, just cos I haven't done it before. A short row heel would just be the same as from the top down so no challenge, I like to have a go at something that challenges me.

Sad news from My Pwllheli Friend. He is not going to be writing his blog anymore. He has recently returned to full time work and hasn't got the time anymore. It was me that gave him the idea to do it in the first place. Never mind, you have to get your priorities right. So farewell VincentBlackShadow :o(


nanatoo said...

You really can see the silkiness in the picture when you 'click'. Very pretty, you're doing a grand job.

Nina said...

Nice work on the socks. That's beautiful wool. I have been collecting instructions on how to start a sock toe-up. (Knitty rocks!) Yours look exactly like the top-down socks, so I'll have to give it a go. I hope you're knitting those in public! ;)

I read Your Friend's announcement on his blog. It's nice to see it's for healthy reasons, and that he will still be writing, though, isn't it?

dreamcatcher said...

Such lovely yarn for the socks :-) I always, always have had trouble with M1 increases, I end up with holes which I don't much care for! I'm sure has a number of different ways to do it so I must practice :-D