Sunday, May 24, 2009

More than just books

Other stuff has happened recently apart from reading. Last weekend my parents came up to visit. My step-dad has just retired and had a significant birthday so a cake was called for.

This was the first Victoria Sandwich I have made in probably over 20 years! Came out pretty well though I do say so myself.

On Sunday morning we went for a walk around the Walls and when we got to the weir there were several herons on the water. My zoom lens got this photo from quite a distance (I've cropped it quite a bit so the detail has been somewhat lost).

A bit further on we were aiming for the Racecourse as my ex-boss was competing in the Chester Half Marathon but the heavens opened and we made a quick dash into town to Caffe Nero for much needed coffees. He managed 2 hours 10 minutes, we heard later.

This morning I finished off my Flutter-by Socks. The second half of the skein had some really dark bits pop up in the purple bits so they aren't the same now, but its not really a problem just a bit of a shame. It may come out in the wash. It is a really easy and fairly quick pattern to knit.

Pattern: Flutter-by socks
Yarn: Wild Fire Fibres Fantasia from the May sock club, colour Rhododendron
Needles: 2.5mm Addi lace circs
Mods: Decreased to 30 sole stitches after the gusset.

I'm not sure what I want to cast on next, perhaps I should revisit those WIPs!

Well my review of Pride & Prejudice had mixed responses. Linz - it was nice to know I'm not the only one who didn't like it, I really thought I was after talking to a few people I know. Anonymous - yes, I do know who you are AND I know where you LIVE, hee hee!!! P&P isn't the only "classic" I have read, I enjoyed Dracula and Frankenstein but not P&P or 20,000 leagues. I didn't study English Literature after the age of 14 so I don't really know how to "read" a book in the way that you do. I like to read for enjoyment of the story, and that is enough for me. If it doesn't float my boat, I'll move on. I don't really want to get into the analysis of the writing or the period it was written, but I respect the fact that other people do. (I will just say that on your recommendation I have started the first chapter of Emma, but if I find I'm not enjoying it I will not plough on this time.) Everyone has their own tastes in books and that is why there are so many different books out there.

On that subject I am currently reading The Witch's Trinity by Erika Mailman a story about a witch hunt in the search for the reason why the crops are failing and everyone is starving in a tiny village in the 1400s. There is a gruesone trial of an old woman with a test which she cannot possibly pass which proves she is a witch when she isn't. And this stuff really went on! Scary.


LadybirdLinz (:i:) said...

Happy Significant Birthday to your step dad.
I love the socks and I too never get a matching pair.(even commercial self-striping has 'odd bits)

I've replied to anoymous...but my point of view hasn't changed, I like Terry Pratchett!!!

clarabelle said...

I love the socks and I'm not a great sock-knitter, really, so that's something! Off to queue the pattern on Rav.

Blimey, that cake is something else as well... X

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! I wasn't picking at your taste in English or the way in which anyone reads, just seems such a shame to dismiss every book written prior to recent years. Dracula and Frankenstein were both good, but representative of the 'Gothic' genre. I'm not a big fan of Austen either but can appreciate her work. You did have the right reaction to her characters, so she managed something!

I absolutely believe that reading should be about 'enjoyment' and not just lit crit otherwise that'd be very boring, and writers primary objective is not to be 'critised' but enjoyed by their readers, like you.

You should have stopped reading Pride when you were bored like I said and tried another 'classic'!
Sense and Sensibility is good if you must persist with Austen. Let's try another style if that period's not for you. I can't stand D H Lawrence incidentally. Maybe some American fiction a bit later would be good...

All I was horrified at was the thought that the entirety of the Literary Cannon was going to be dismissed on the back of one book!!

Check out me with Stephen Fry yesterday by the way!!
Love the socks - my favourite so far i think!

Anonymous said...

Ladybirdlinz - I know many lecturers who appreciate the work of Pratchett - my friend loves the Iliad but loves Harry Potter too!

Anonymous said...

What i should have said simply is that you (anyone) wouldn't dismiss all novels from the last 50 years if you didn't like just one - as they are all so different in style... In just the same way that Jane Austen is different to all other 'classics'!

Off soapbox - thought this was a knitting blog ha ha