Sunday, May 10, 2009

Butterflies flutter by

I have come to a decision about chocolate. After years of not liking dark chocolate I watched the two series of Willie's Wonky Chocolate Factory and Willie's Chocolate Revolution and decided it would be better to eat dark chocolate. After quite a bit of practicing I have decided that I do like it, and that is what I will eat from now on. I know, what a revelation for a Sunday evening!

Colin went up Snowdon yesterday with a group of people as part of his ongoing fundraising for cancer research.

So I settled in and got a good head start on my Flutter-by socks. I finished the first one this morning. This is a pic of the detail of the "butterflies". It is actually a very simple and quick pattern.


After 3 weeks I have decided I love my iPhone. I am not using it to anything like it's potential but some of the applications are amazing, AND I can watch BBC iPlayer on it at any time. You know when you are watching TV or in a shop and a piece of music comes on and you want to know what it is? There is an app where the phone listens to 30 seconds of the song then off it goes into its little brain or the interweb or somewhere, and tah-dah, it tells you what the song is, a biography of the artist and where you can buy it online! I must say though that Becca showed me a game that is a bit addictive and sometimes when I close my eyes all I can see are little cat, dog, cow, pig, hippo and bear heads!

1 comment:

Nina said...

Yep, it's a good idea to practice eating chocolate, no doubta about it!

Cool sock design! I'm surprised that sort of detail would still be a quick knit. Interesting!

That's the sort of thing I need. I can remember bits of songs, but never the title nor who the artist is.

Oh, you should know by now that's all everyone can see in their mind is likttle catdogcowpighippobear heads. ;)