Monday, September 10, 2007

Sock wars, reiki & vampires.

Well it is happening again........SOCK WARS!!! I missed out last year but have signed up for this year, hopefully my hands will be healed by then. I'll have a good 2 weeks recovery time. The details are here and you sign up here. Come on you lot, you know you want to!!!

Boo hiss, bad postie!! No amazon books yet, and no business cards either. I did get a copy of Reiki news magazine on Saturday though. I have been wondering whether to get a subscription from the USA but wanted to see a copy first. Someone on ebay was selling a copy from 2005 so I bought it. Coincidentally there was an article in it called Reiki and knitting!! Anyway it was pretty good so I think I will probably get a subscription. There are a couple of back issues I wouldn't mind reading too.

I eventually finished Sandstorm last night. It was a good read, a bit of a supernatural slant and supposition about the city under the sand protected by the queen of Sheba. I have just started Cirque du Freak by Darren Shan. Yeah, yeah, I know its a kid's book but who cares as long as you enjoy it! And its got vampires in it.

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Nina said...

Yea, Sock Wars!! You *have* to be healed by mid October.

That is amazing, the copy of Reiki news had an article about Reiki and knitting? A coincidence? I think not!

PVs for strengthening and healing. :)