Sunday, September 23, 2007

Kites aloft! & FLIC

Today we went down to the Chester Kite Festival. When we got there it was blowing a gale and there were loads of kites flying like mad. This isn't a great picture, but the big orange one is a giant octopus. (Click to enlarge)
I particularly liked this dinosaur one
We had a bacon roll and decided to get a new kite, so we bought a stunt kite. However, you have to set it up with the right length lines before you can fly it and because it was so windy we decided to do that at home later. I wanted to get a kite into the air though so I got one of those little pocket ones that don't have any sticks, and managed to get flying briefly. There was going to be a display of stunt kiting, but suddenly the wind completely dropped and the kites could hardly get up off the ground so it was a bit disappointing. Ah well, we can have a bit of fun at the park one day this week.
On the knitting front, I have decided to do a little bit here and there, and test out my thumb. If it gets sore I will stop. So this evening I have done a bit more on my Fabulous Lace Inset Cardigan. I have sewed the shoulder seams and made a start on the collar. After that is done it is just a case of sewing the rest up, blocking, and its finished. Shouldn't take too long. I think I may need it as the weather has turned a bit chilly over the past week.


Nina said...

These kites are fantastic--I love kites. The boys were duly impressed, too. :) The Z informed me that it's a dragon. Which is his fav.

I will be very interested to hear your status after knitting a bit.

white stilettos said...

A bacon roll sounds like a kite stunt move ;-)