Friday, September 07, 2007

Hooked on Art

As much as I enjoy getting emails, there is nothing like the anticipation of waiting for the postman, especially when you know there are things on their way. My postman comes around about the time I leave for work. Sometimes he gets to the house and posts the stuff through the door, sometimes I catch him in the street and he hands me the post through the car window, and sometimes I don't see him at all and I have to wait all day until I get home. And sometimes he just doesn't come at all.

This morning he managed to beat me to it and two packages landed on the mat. The first contained a set of pretty crochet hooks that I ordered from eBay a couple of days ago. Aren't they nice? I think they will encourage me to have another go at the crochet. The sizes range from 2mm to 8mm so something for every thickness of yarn there.

I was nosing through etsy the other day for pictures of ATCs (artist trading cards) because I thought I might have a go at making some. However, the standard is very high, and I'm not very artistic. Anyway during my search I found this seller who had listings for ACEOs ('Art Cards, Editions and Originals') which are the same size as ATCs - 3.5in x 2.5in, but are miniature prints of larger art works. I thought that her work was beautiful and decided to order one of her pictures. I chose this one:

It is called Night Ride. It is #15 of a limited edition of 50. The colours are more vibrant in real life. Anyway, enclosed with it was this one as a free gift!! It is a new design of hers called Dream by the River and it is #1! How lucky am I? I'm just trying to work out how to leave feedback on etsy as I want to say how pleased I am with them.

I forgot to post a picture of my final set of bookmarks from the swapbot swap, here they are, from SweetJewels. The moon one is lovely and colourful.

I am now waiting for the lovely postie to bring me some Reiki business cards from Vistaprint, some books from Amazon and another book from greenmetropolis.

Last night we went to the pub quiz with Mel & Stu (who are so loved up, ahhh cute) and Phil. These are all people I used to work with in the bookshop about 5 years ago. In the shop we had a mediaeval crypt, so we were going to call ourselves Tales from the Crypt, but then Stu suggested Snails from the Crypt because it used to be REALLY slow in the shop on a Sunday. So that was our team name. We got 35 out of 50 which was joint 4th and we won a box of Jaffa Cakes!!


white stilettos said...

Today's postal delivery is gorgeous! Those crochet hooks are so pretty and the ATCs are wonderful. I wish I had that much talent. Congrats on 4th place and your Jaffa cakes :-D

Nina said...

Beautiful hooks, I love those colours. I have some similar to those. Mine seem well distributed throughout the house. Every so often I find one and return it to its home. Maybe they go on holiday without telling me, lol.

The cards and bookmarks are really lovely. The colour combinations are very effective--those must be "my" colours. The #1 card is sweet!

Say, you didn't mention you won a prize! How fun.

dreamcatcher said...

Ooh I love those crochet hooks, I am hotfooting it to ebay! Best of luck with it, I bought that book on hols this year and I need to have a proper go with it.

Seahorse said...

LOVE those hooks! Are they Boyes?

I bought some metal Susan Bates ones earlier this week and they're so much better than the cheapo grey plastic one I started out with.