Saturday, September 22, 2007

Nano, and a short update

Thank you to everyone who has sent their best wishes for Colin, it is very much appreciated. We have both been blown away by the messages we have received from friends and aquaintances far and wide. Colin's arm seems to be recovering well, we have to go back to the consultant next Friday for the results and a check-up. But he is not in any pain and is his usual self, apart from not doing any work. We have been into the offices a couple of times this week but nothing too strenuous. I have postponed my op for the time being until after Christmas, it just doesn't seem important under the circumstances.

Looky what I treated myself to today. Of course it is for my Reiki buiness - ahem!! Luckily it can run off the speakers that Colin has for his Creative Zen so i can use it during Reiki treatments rather than lug a CD player around all the time. That's my excuse anyway, and I'm sticking to it! Its tiny!! So far I have 2 albums on it, hee hee.

Here is a card I made this week for a friend's 50th, notice the subtle use of the number 50!! He is an Everton fan obviously and I used the name of his own business as the sponsor on the shirt. (Click pic to enlarge) And here is my poor old doggie looking a bit old these days. He is struggling to stay on his feet and seems to trip over fresh air.

My ravelry invite is getting nearer, this is the state of play at the moment.

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46% of the list has been invited so far.

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Nina said...

Wow, a great update. Your cards are always so clever. Your nano is a great idea. I'm sure more practical. I like the picture of you taking a picture of the nano. ;)

PVs for your sweet doggie. (And for you, too)