Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I have gone over to the Dark Side!!!

I just wondered if it would be easier to do, what with my thumb and finger. I'm having a read through at the moment, it only arrived yesterday. I have a couple of hooks already from doing a bit of edging on my knitting, and I'm sure I can find a few odds and ends of yarn around somewhere - ahem! I have crocheted some granny squares in the past, but that is about my limit really, oh and the flap on my mum's felted bag.
Ulgh, I've got so many things i want to do, and I'm not getting round to any of them, sigh!!


Seahorse said...

Congrats of your Reiki Mastership!

I've gone to the Darkside too! Hope your thumb holds up.

white stilettos said...

If you can make granny squares then I think you're well away. And the flap on the bag is very pretty. Hope the crochet is easier on your hands.

Nina said...

I didn't realise the bag's flap was crocheted. Very nice! I hope the crocheting is easier on the hands. You have a little yarn left, no?