Sunday, September 30, 2007

New socks & good news

Just a quick post to show off my finished Widdershins. They've only taken about 4 months to do !!!! (Click pics for HUGE close-ups!)

A bit tight to get on cos i cast off a bit too tightly, but they are lovely and fluffy to wear. So that's another one off the WIP list, I shall have to find something to fill the gaps!!

Also great news for Colin on Friday. We went to see the consultant and he confirmed that the tumour was completely removed with a good margin around it. He will still have the radiotherapy but that is "just in case". Hopefully after that is done, it will just be check-ups on a regular basis. Fingers crossed we can be relaxing in time for Christmas.


woolydoodles said...

Ooops I've just sent a mail to dee-reiki
mel x

kathryn said...

Glad to hear Colin's news :)

Nina said...

Great news! I hope everything goes smoothly to make way for relaxing holidays.

Say, you should rest up now for Sock Wars! How are your hands doing?

clarabelle said...

Well done, thumb, on getting the socks finished!

And such fantastic news about Colin! What a relief for you both.

Seahorse said...

So good to hear such positive news re Colin!

Fabbo socks!

dreamcatcher said...

Glad to hear the good news!