Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Lana Grossa, camera & office.

Phew, last week was a bit mad what with all the sheep! Anyway, the Stash order is finished and taken in this morning. Because I had a bit of time I had a good look through all the books in there, and decided to spend my voucher. I am going to make this......

with this..........

it is Lana Grossa Cool Wool in a teal colour, 100% merino. The ladies were very helpful in the shop, cos I didn't have a clue what I wanted when I went in. So that project goes on my list:

Black gloves - to be sewn up
Competition socks - OTN
Mint lacy scarf - OTN
Sheldon the tortoise
Drops cardigan
Lana Grossa cardigan
Socks x 2 for my friend Heather

I MUST NOT BUY ANY MORE KNITTING STUFF!!! The socks (well the first one!) are coming along, not perfect but good enough. And I found out that you get them back if you send an SAE, which is great cos I have put in a lot of effort not to get them back!

I hope you appreciate the super duper photos, I took them with my shiny new camera which I impulse bought on Saturday. It was less than half price though. Its worked out quite well actually cos my mum was talking about getting a digital camera just for snaps so she can now have my old one for her birthday. That justifies my purchase!

On Sunday we went to visit some friends in Shropshire for lunch, and afterwards we took the dogs for a bit of a stroll up the country lanes. Here are Heather, Colin & Robert with the dogs, R&H's dog is Winnie, the grey one.
On Monday I became a company secretary and shareholder!! Colin is self employed and getting some offices soon, and has changed to a limited company. So I am now the secretary and will be helping him out when the offices open in February. Should be cool. I won't have too many hours, as long as I keep on top of the bookkeeping, and answer the phones in reception! I am not going to be able to knit at the reception desk though, so I may go back to my novel in the quiet periods. And I may be able to use one of the rooms occasionally to do a bit of Reiki.


nanatoo said...

Ooh, now that cardi is really luvverly! Teal is a fave colour too.

I keep saying I mustn't buy any more knitting stuff but it doesn't work.

Good luck both with the new venture!
Hmm, your photos put mine to shame :)

I've finished the blessed kitten btw. Yay!

vincentblackshadow said...

You could just have said that your dog was the round one.

By the way what time shall I expect your arrival on Thursday?

moineau rêveur said...

OOooh, my favourite colour. Can't wait to see it when it's done.

Good luck with both the new knitting and business projects!

- moineau rêveur