Thursday, January 11, 2007

It bloomin' well ran out!!

Yep, the yarn ran out -- one and a half inches short of the end of the thumb!! I have ordered a new ball, and to justify the postage cost I added a little something else, to make this
I'm doing it in an orangey-red, which looks nice on the colour chart, so hopefully will look much the same in real life. They do not have enough in stock but I'm not in a hurry for it, as long as I get the black for the gloves.

So in the meantime I will make another attempt at the competition socks. I have cast on, and am doing the rib which is one colour so no problems there. I have decided to start patterning part way around the round (if you get what I mean). This should help with the change of colour at the beginning of the round, and I'm going to knit VERY loosely this time. Elizabeth Zimmerman says it doesn't matter how loose it is, so it will be very loose.

Apart from that I have a whole flock of sheep in various stages of assembly. I have 20 pink/white completed, another 20 with no legs or eyes, and now I'm off to start on the black/white ones. I am making far more than I need to this time, so if Stash want some more I'll have some in stock already and won't have to make them in a hurry. And I may even send a couple out to knitty friends if I'm in a good mood. (Hint, hint Tina - but I'll need an address!)

Ho hum, back to the farm..........


nanatoo said...

Boo for running out of yarn :( Nice jacket planned though. "To justify the postage cost" how many times have I used that old chestnut? ;)

Good luck with sock design, that sounds very hard to me!

That's a very kind offer little acorn but I would only accept sheeps if I could send you something in return. I think my addy is on the back of the envelope I sent the book in but I can email it if you've thrown it out :) I'll check to see if I still have yours in my email.

Just call me Ruby said...

Hi Donna,

Good to meet you too. Loved seeing the Mighty Boosh on your blog. Saw them live too - front row - fab, fab, fab.The Hitcher peed on my partner!! And walking round Cambden Market last week met Mike Fielding - Nabu. Thanks for your comments about knitonthenet they're much appreciated. Your sheep sound great. Do they take a long time to make?


Nina said...

Oh! That's frustrating, running out of yarn. I know how that feels. ;) Have to chuckle at the postage justification. Just did some of that meself. :)

I wish I knew what you meant with the socks--makes me feel like a beginner! I'm really impressed with your abilities and designs.

Okay, Niko and I are guessing which color from the chart: he says 01, 28, or 38; I say 12.

donnac1968 said...

Nanatoo - postage, hmm, its a good one tho!! Will probably use it again. The socks are turning out fine this time but lots of loops on the inside.
Ruby - it takes me about half an hour to make 4 sheep so you can see it will take a while to make 56!! Can't charge for all that time unfortunately! Very jealous of you being in the front row, we were in the 4th, just out of pee range.
Nina - I wanted 37 but it wasn't on the drop down list when I went to order it, so I went with 38 - well done Niko! Hope it's not too orange when it arrives.