Saturday, January 20, 2007

Christmas Party time!!

I know it sounds mad but I am going to my ex-work's Christmas Party tonight. They left it a bit late to book so ended up with the 20th January. It's the full works I think, Christmas dinner, crackers, silly hats etc, and a Robbie Williams tribute act. I am sooo hoping he isn't wearing a chest wig! Pics will follow I promise.

Said cheerio to a friend today who is moving to France for 6 months. I am blaming Colin (in a light-hearted way) because he life-coached her and she gave up her job and is moving away! I'm not going to let him loose on any other friends, I have so few as it is.

I have started on the Lana Grossa cardigan, looking very good so far. There are some confusing instructions coming up for the decreases, so I may call on some help from the knitters out there, but I'll cross that when I come to it. I have put the socks to one side but still haven't made the final decision to completely abandon them. Maybe if that's all the knitting I take to Ireland next week then I will get on with them, no other projects to distract me.

I had a bit of a busy night in my sleep last night. At one point I apparently said in an evil voice, "I HATE YOU!!", and then a bit after that I had a fit of giggles. I was definately having a fight with someone in the former, and then I was part of a try-out for a new Mighty Boosh sketch in the latter, which I obviously thought was hilarious. At least I didn't hit Colin in the face like I did a few nights before.

Sorry to anyone coming to this blog to see Vincent's picture, it was there, honestly, but he had me remove it so quick, you could have blinked and it was gone. Shame, he isn't TOO much of a minger!

Well, better go and make my once or twice yearly attempt at applying make-up. I never wear the stuff usually, but you have to make the effort, especially when you know everyone else will be tarted up within an inch of their life!

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nanatoo said...

Hope you had a good time :)