Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Addis & Ireland

Hellooooo. Wow, didn't realise it had been a week nearly. I have been away for the weekend though, to Ireland to visit the in-laws.

1. My lovely new Addi Turbos.
2. My father-in-law, who at 88 is still as sprightly as he was when I met him nearly 20 years ago. He puts us all to shame!!
3. My dog. When we go out for a walk he lifts his leg for a pee. Then he starts walking away before he has finished and leaves a wiggly pee trail along the pavement.

So, new Addi Turbo Circulars. They arrived unexpectedly in the post this morning, after I got an email yesterday saying they were waiting for supplies from the manufacturer. So I'm happy. Now, I thought that one kind of knitting needle was much the same as another, but I was WRONG. These are great!! They are light, super smooth, and they don't make a noise when you use them. And the bit where the needle and cable join is so smooth. I am knitting socks on 2 circulars and they just slide along effortlessly. In fact they are so fab that I am enjoying doing my competition socks again and I reckon I'll have them finished tomorrow. I picked up some tips from Krys who knitted the mitts mentioned in the previous post, and the second one is definately better than the first. I'm going to wash and block them and then send them in. Anyway, I'm definately going to get more Addis for other projects.

The weekend in Ireland went fine. It is a very quiet place where not a lot happens. And sadly the little wool shop that is in the town has closed so I couldn't go and have a rummage for some Irish yarn (if such a thing exists).

And now all is back to normal. Well not quite, because Colin moved out today!! To his new office!!! I can't go because I haven't got a desk yet. I do have a chair apparently. Its another week or so until I get a desk, and phone lines. And I have to learn to use Excel for the bookkeeping!

Will post pics tomorrow of socks & cardi-in-progress!

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nanatoo said...

Wondered where you'd gone :D Glad you had a good time in Ireland.
Ahhh, Addi Turbos. They are totally wonderful and I love them more than any other needle I've met but I DELIBERATELY knit in such a way that they make their own clunky noise because it feels and sounds so nice. I can't explain it but it makes me happy :D
Revived competition socks! Good luck with them :)