Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I just can't stop!

You would be forgiven for thinking this was a blog about book reviews, but I can't stop reading at the moment! I blame goodreads. Ever since I joined I haven't stopped because I like reading books and then making comments and reviews on the site, and joining in the monthly suggestions on one of the bookclubs on there. I am not however getting through my stack of "to read" books becasue although my reading has speeded up, my book acquiring has also speeded up at a comparable rate.

Knitting has fallen by the wayside a little. I started a pair of Firestarter socks last Wednesday so I would have something to take to knit group. But I haven't touched them since. The hot weather hasn't helped. And I'm not overly inspired by the pattern either, twisted cable stitches without a cable needle need a non splitty yarn and the one I'm using isn't it.

This loveliness arrived this morning though.

It is the June installment of the Wild Fire Fibres sock yarn club. 80% lambswool, 10% cashmere and 10% angora = smooshy! I don't want to make socks with it though so any suggestions are welcome. It is 300 yards and suggested needle size is 2.75mm to 3.5mm.

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