Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Nothingness, books & swaparama

Do you have one of those phases where absolutely nothing happens, and you just plod along one day to the next? My mum phoned on Sunday and I had nothing to say about the previous week! The only things I had to say she already knew from reading this!

I finished The Cold Moon on Saturday and then hummed and haw-ed about my Harry Potter dilemma. I had a go at Fantastic Stories by Terry Jones but didn't think they were fantastic at all. A bit pointless actually. So I'm afraid I fell for the lure of Tunnels. During breaks for eating and a bit of "dropping off" I managed to get through half of it on Sunday and am now about two thirds through. Well on target for finishing before Saturday. I should get a bit of time to read it tomorrow as I am off work to wait for the cavity wall men to come and insulate us. They are going to do the loft too as apparently we have to have 26cm and we only have 6. Its all part of some council scheme to save energy. Hopefully it'll warm us up in the winter cos our bathroom is absolutely freezing.

So Tunnels is okay, not earth-shattering but an interesting concept, a whole other world beneath us that we don't know about.

I have also been swapping away on readitswapit. I have 3 swaps on the go at the moment. Its funny how it goes in waves, nothing for months and then 3 in one go. Just like buses!

Oh, my alliums are out now but I haven't been able to get out and take a picture in between downpours. Isn't it getting on your nerves?

And gawd help us, but Charley has escaped nominations AGAIN this week. Typical that we managed to get her out last week only to have her sent straight back in thinking the whole world loves her and that it was all done for her. I would really like to know how she developed her opinion of herself, its all like water off a duck's back. I thought last night's naked nominations were quite amusing though, and Brian just gets funnier every day. So, Jerry or Nicky, Jerry or Nicky, hhhmmmmmm????????

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Chris said...

Nicky is VERY annoying!!!
Gerry less so.
As to what the public reckon, who knows?
Still out there, just v. busy. (and finding 101 ways to avoid working on the worksheets!)