Friday, July 06, 2007

Dangerous waters

We are all moaning about the rain, and how it is unusual, and is it climate change? etc. Don't get me wrong, climate change is very real and I totally believe it is happening. But to have rain in July isn't unusual. After all, it is Wimbledon fortnight and it is very rare that there is no rain during Wimbledon. And two years ago I was on holiday in Cornwall for the first week in July and it rained every day, so it's nothing new.

I do feel terribly sorry for all the people affected by the floods. Seeing your house up to the windows in water must be so upsetting, or seeing your car swept away. In a slightly related subject I got to thinking about the time I could have been swept away by water.

I was probably about 8 or 9 and was on holiday in Cornwall with my mum and step-dad. We were at a beach called Trebarwith Strand, which had rocks that you could climb onto and sit on. We sat on the same spot each day. When the tide was out you could climb down to the sandy beach and play in the rock pools, and as the tide gradually came in, you moved up and sat on the rocks again. On this particular day we were sat watching the tide coming up higher and higher, when all of a sudden there was a huge wave that crashed up and reached where we were sitting. Everyone jumped up and grabbed all their stuff as another wave came up even higher. We had to squeeze under an overhang to crawl along the rocks and around the corner. When the rocks get wet they get extremely slippy and someone actually started to slide. If anyone had gone into the water that would have been it. My step-dad was quite a hero that day because he caught hold of the woman who was sliding and dragged her back up. Thankfully there were no casualties and we all managed to get round the corner and off the rocks.

A bit later in the evening the tide had come up so high that the water was crashing up higher than where we had been sitting. We can only think that on that day it was a spring tide when the water goes out and comes in much higher. Something to do with the moon.

To answer a couple of recent comments......I do like vampire books, especially the Anne Rice ones. She makes being a vampire sound very attractive, I mean the immortality bit of it, not the having to drink blood on a nightly basis. I have tried the Reiki on my thumb a couple of times. I wonder whether it hasn't been effective because you need 2 hands to do it properly. Anyway, when I am trained, I could attune Colin as a level 1 and then he could do my hand for me!! No suggestions for Nina's blogname, come on get your thinking caps on.


clarabelle said...

No, rain in July isn't particularly unusual, it's just that it follows on from the unbelievable rainfall in June....

Did you watch 'Interview with a Vampire' last night? Believe it or not, I'd never seen this film before, but I was struck by the brilliant acting of a very young Kirsten Dunst, who I'd just regarded as a bit of a lightweight before (though I've never actually watched her in anything).

Take care!

nanatoo said...

Your story is absolutely terrifying, well done to your step-dad.

I LOVE Stephen King and Salem's Lot is one of his best. The film is really, really scary.

I can't think of a blog name for Nina, I am useless. Sorry Nina :( You shouldn't let it stop you though.