Monday, July 02, 2007


This post is about fellow bloggers.

Since I've been doing this blog, I have met some lovely bloggers through them leaving comments on my blog and vice versa. So I was quite sad at the weekend when I had an email from one of them to say that she wasn't going to blog anymore. This is a shame, she is such a caring, genuine and entertaining person. I know that the internet can all get a bit mad and addictive, and I think she needs a break, but it can also be a great outlet and social place if you are a bit isolated. I just hope her withdrawal doesn't mean that she loses this function of it.

Another of my internet friends needs a bit of help too. She has joined blooger but has yet to create a blog, despite threatening it for months and months. I think it would be absolutely brilliant, because she is an absolute whirlwind and writes in the same way. Have a look at her profile for a start and you'll see what I mean. She claims that what is holding her back is finding a suitable name for her blog. Can anyone give her a hand on this because I'm useless at it. If we can come up with a great name, we can get her blogging sooner rather than later. Please help!!!

Apart from that, I'd just like to say hi to all the people who look at my blog and thanks for popping by. (And you lurkers, go ahead and leave a comment, you know who you are!!!)


Sweet Camden Lass said...

Have you had your socks back from Simply Knitting yet? ~x~

Nina said...

Awww, you are the sweetest, ever, Donna!

I've been wondering about the socks, as well. Any word?

floots said...

hi - thanks for looking in and giving me the chance to visit your cool words 'n' pix
i too am waiting for "that" blog
i'll have to give some thought to a name :)