Sunday, July 08, 2007


My ex-boss from the hospital lab, Gilbert, has been retiring for the past fortnight. Let me explain. Two weeks ago, I went to the lunch in Llangollen which he had organised as a do for his retirement. I posted about that before. A week ago, on the Friday afternoon, was his actual retirement day and there was a buffet and speeches and presents at the lab, which I went down to in Wrexham. Then last night there was another party, hence the fact that he has been retiring for a whole two weeks!!

Last night was really great because he didn't know it was happening. He thought he was going to an engagement party for someone his wife works with. When he walked in the door, everyone stood up and started clapping and it took him a while to work out we were clapping him!! He was absolutely made up!! He said it was the kind of do he’d wanted but thought that the time had passed to organise something. Little did he know that all his staff had been organising it for months!

Most of the microbiology staff were there and some people form the other pathology departments. And some ex-members of staff and other friends of his. There was a speech from Dai and then Danny Williams, from Wrexham Football Club came and presented Gilbert with a football signed by all the players which he was well chuffed with, being a huge Wrexham fan. There was also a painting of Snowdonia from all the micro staff.

Here is a pic of me and my friend Becky. Like my new hair colour?

And I couldn't believe it when Gilbert arrived and his wife Mary was wearing the same dress as me!!! Hahahah.

It was funnier because when I was getting ready I'd said to Colin, does this look a bit mumsy? Ah well, shows we both have good taste. This is the second time this has happened to me at a microbiology do. A couple of Christmas's ago, I went to the staff party and someone else was wearing the same skirt as me. They weren't from our department though, somewhere completely different.

On a sadder note, we had to leave just as the dancing was getting started because Colin had to get up at 5am to fly to Ireland. One of his uncles, Peter, died on Friday and the funeral is today. (They certainly are on the ball when it comes to these things in Ireland!) So he flew out from Liverpool at 7.15am and is due back later this evening.

So I have a day of pottering, food shopping and ironing ahead of me. The supermarket should be just about opening now, so I'd better get that out of the way first.


Seahorse said...

Sounds like a lovely 'do'! That's funny about the dress - it's not even a boring/safe one!

Sorry to hear less happy family news though :(

Webbo said...

The dress isn't a bit mumsy! I do like the hair colour too - you look downright radiant.

nanatoo said...

That sounds like a great Saturday night and you look absolutely beautiful!

Sorry about Colin's uncle.

Nina said...

So then, does Gilbert know you people are using him as an excuse to party? :) But seriously, you must truly care for one another to spend so much time together and making certain Gilbert knows he will be missed!

Is that Becky who has started a blog? That's a great picture of you two. You both look great. Everything you asked about--I agree you are radiant!

Very funny co-inkydink about the dress--not a bit mumsy! It looks as though it drapes nicely and shows your cute figure. ;) Stand up, let's see!

That is sad you had to go before the dancing, awwww. I still think Colin should have given you a twirl around the floor before you made your exit. :)