Friday, December 22, 2006

Tree, square & jumper

It is FINISHED!!!! The bluey green jumper is finished at last. I am just blocking it and when it is dry it is ready to wear. Hopefully for Boxing Day when we are going to friends.

I had a hospital outpatient appointment yesterday so I grabbed some left over sock yarn and 3mm needles and started on a square for the Knit A River Campaign for WaterAid I finished it this afternoon after I'd done the last of the crochet on the jumper. It looks a bit odd shaped cos I didn't block it but it will be sewn onto another load of squares so it'll be fine.

Finally today, here is our Christmas tree, with and without flash! (especially for my Pwllheli friend!)

Oh yeah, the posh yarn shop has added some of my stitch markers to their website, the sheep should be on there in the next day or so, so go take a look, it's a good site.

I only have one WIP at the moment, the lacy scarf, but I am ready to start my sock pattern for the competition, it will be basic stocking stitch but the design is what I have to work out on graph paper. I may have a break for a couple of days though as I have got very stiff fingers and I think I have got trigger finger in my right little finger, I had it before on the left hand and it took months to go away. I'll have to knit with my pinkie in the air if it carries on!

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