Saturday, December 16, 2006

Pork, sheep and tango.

3 BTs for today

1. Walking through town we looked in the window of a cafe & sandwich shop and saw what looked like ham & stuffing batches. It reminded me of the Chester Food Festival in 2005 where we had hot pork and apple sauce batches, with the pork carved straight off the roast. As I was talking I said, "It's ages since I had a hot pork bap!" just as a man overtook me on the pavement. Realising this must have sounded odd as an overheard conversation I burst into fits of giggles, at which the man in question turned round with a big grin on his face and confirmed my worst fears!

2. Being brave enough to go into the posh yarn shop and letting them see my sheep stitch markers. They have agreed to sell them in the shop, we just have to negotiate prices.

3. Mark & Karen's amazing Argentine Tango on Strictly Come Dancing. Seeing Karen so happy brought tears to my eyes.

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