Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Family reunion

So, here are the details of my exciting weekend in Southampton. It is full of BTs so I think this counts for a few days worth of those.
Ok, drove down Friday afternoon, pottered about Sat morning, then went to meet my aunt at a local pub in Mansbridge called the White Swan. We didn't know who would be there, I thought just my aunt Jane (my dad's sister) and her husband would be there and that we were going to go on to my Uncle Roger's house. We looked around the car park and decided to look inside the pub and there was a crowd of people at the bar. I recognised Jane straight away from recent emails and pics and waved and she came and gave me a big hug and there were a couple of tears. Then we all worked out who was who, Joanne and Claire (Jane's daughters and my cousins), and Alun (Jane's husband) and got a drink then went over to where my uncle Roger (my dad's brother) was sitting with Claire's children Ben & Shannon and Claire's fella, Bob. Looked at pics of Roger's daughters and grandchildren and reminisced and then went off to the cemetary to put some flowers on my nan's grave. When the old cremamtorium was built on, they moved the soil to a new place and it was at the cemetary we went to. Roger knew exactly where grandad was so I put a flower there and that the soil where my dad was originally, was put in the same area, so I left a flower there too.
So we all stood around chatting for ages and took some photos then all went off our separate ways again. We didn't go to the house after all, I thought it was my nan's old house but Roger has moved since so it wouldn't have been the same anyway.
On the Sunday I went to the other crem with my mum to put a wreath for my other grandparents and we had a bit of a chat about dad which we'd never done before so that was nice too. And then I took her round to where dad is, because she didn't know where it was. Its difficult when you marry again because you have to move on and she has been very happy with Bill for the last 30 years.
Anyway, here are some pics of me and my family..........
This is Uncle Roger,

And this is l-r Joanne, me, Jane, Claire, and Ben & Shannon in the front.
This is Aunty Jane!

And this is us all together.

And this one, my Pwllheli Friend tells me, looks as if Jane is screwing up her nose because I just let one!! How very dare he!! Ha ha ha!

Jane gave me some other old photos of my nan when she was small and also one with my great grandmother in it. Amazing. So all in all a very successful visit. Roger reckons he is going to have a party on his 70th birthday so I'm looking forward to that sometime in 2008.

On Sunday luchtime my step sister and her family came up to my mum's house. It was a bit brief because they'd had to go out and get a new telly, and we had to leave after lunch but it was lovely to see them anyway. The kids grow so quickly but then it is a year since we last saw them. Unfortunately in all the rush and chaos I forgot to get my camera out so sadly I don't have any pics of them. Hopefully they will come up and visit in the summer.

The drive home was rainy, and luckily we were warned about an accident on the M6 so we came off the motorway early and the GPS guided us a different way. As it was a bit late we stopped in a pub for fish and chips. It was a bit wishy washy but it filled a gap.

And now, it is back to normal, and I have a pile of washing and ironing to do, and still have a couple of knitting projects to get finished in the next couple of days, so I'd best go and get on with them............


Anonymous said...

Aww what a lovely day - must have been very emotional.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, that pic does look like you just farted.