Thursday, December 28, 2006

Sleepy dog, jumper & Christmas

Just had to post this pic of my dog being very cheeky, lying on the bed with his nose under my pillow, aaawwwwww!!

Well here is the finished object.

Hooray. I started this when I got back from holiday at the end of September (there are various previous posts charting it's progress!), and finished it last Wednesday, just in time to wash and block it to get it dry and wear it on Boxing Day. The neck is supposed to be fully open, but it came down very low so I tacked a few of the crochet peaks together in case I wanted to wear it without a T-shirt underneath. The original pattern is here....... but I used a different yarn and mine has come out longer, which is fine by me. I love the colour of the original but the yarn was very expensive, as it was this one cost me about £35 to make. Not bad considering it it is hand-dyed 100% merino wool. And I absolutely love the colour. The yarn is from The Natural Dye Studio who have listings on ebay, it is in colourway Pacific Spring.

Well, Christmas............the actual day was quiet, just us two and the dog. And LOTS of prezzies!! I had various knitty gifts.....2 knitting bags, several sets of needles, a Rowan pattern book, and a page a day calendar with a pattern for every day of the year!! What a scary thought. And a gift voucher for the posh yarn shop. Other items included a lovely silver and amethyst necklace (which can be seen in the above pic), pyjamas, books, choccie, CD etc etc. And the Mighty Boosh Live DVD, woohoo!! It turned into a bit of a Noel-fest yesterday, because we watched the 2 hours of live show and then he was also on the Big Fat Quiz of the Year last night for another 2 hours, (with Russell Brand, another of my favourites) but hey, who's complaining???!!!!! The live show is still funny, not quite the same as actually being there, which we were in March in Warrington, but great anyway. Lots of very silly moments, and I've still got disc 2 to watch which apparently has another 2 hours of extras on it. GENIUS!!

Boxing Day we went over to some friends of ours and had a lovely day, great food and company culminating in a riotous game of Articulate, which my team lost by only one question. I'm not sure we got all the rules right and there was a bit of tactical play by our team near the end but it was great fun.

So coming up are a drink out on Saturday night with some ex-work colleagues of mine from when I worked in the bookshop, and New Year's Eve with the next-door-but-one neighbours. And then on January 20th is my ex-work's Christmas do!! They left it a bit late to book anything, but it is still Chritmas dinner with a Robbie Williams tribute act which should be interesting!

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