Sunday, December 17, 2006

Gloves, competition sock yarn & Fusion

I am struggling to post photos today. I have to download them through my husbands printer onto his computer and then send them across to mine, but there seems to be a problem. His computer keeps freezing! Very frustrating!

Anyway when I get the pics through the first one is of a pair of fingerless gloves I made with the American sock yarn. It was too rough to use for socks so I made the gloves instead. I have decided I am going to give them to the guy we buy the Big Issue from in town, to keep his hands warm. He is a really nice guy, and in his thick African accent he calls me "my lovely" and Colin "my braav". He is always happy no matter the weather.

The second pic is the sock yarn and fluffy yarn I will use for my competition socks. I will use white aswell, but that's all the clues you are getting. I'll be starting them after Christmas. I may have to change the fluffy yarn because it is not quite the same pink (it's a bit peachy), and I want it to match.

And finally a ball of Wendy Fusion which I got yesterday to try out. It should be just enough for a woolly hat!

I found a blog called the Sexy Knitters Club and am just waiting for them to confirm whether I can join. All members can then contribute to the blog. It's nothing saucy, just a group of younger knitters who like to make modern pretty items rather than old granny sweaters!

3 BTs

1. That lovely sparkly effect you get when it rains but the sun is shining.

2. I was chatting to an elderly lady at the bus stop about Christmas and she asked if I had children. When I said no, she said "It's just, girls as young as you do have them don't they?" I just nodded politely and smiled -- I'm 38!!

3. Knowing that I'm getting a surprise present from the posh yarn shop.

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